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Since its establishment, Vemsio has built a very strong domestic and international reputation as a leading service provider of aerial imaging, photogrammetry, 3D modelling and LiDAR surveys. It helps to grow our business over time, with high levels of customer satisfaction.


Products and services from Vemsio are known for very high standards of production quality and accuracy. Our services are widely trusted by engineers, surveyors, government officials, property developers, environmental/Mining officials.

Who We Are

We Make Your Vision Come True

Being a collaborative platform to increase the geospatial industry’s position in the global economy and society.

We Make Your Mission Come True

To operate as a catalyst for information sharing across industries and in the establishment of greater economic prospects for the geospatial sector, therefore increasing the sector’s value impact through business development, policy lobbying, and collaborative activities.

20+ Years Experience

Professional Services

1000+ Projects Completed

Let's Build Your Dreams!

Our motto is to provide value for the money, exceptional quality products for their requirements right time at the first time.

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5th Floor Gamma Block Alpha city SSPDL Navalur Chennai Tamilnadu India – 600130.

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